Aesthetics, know-how, technical knowledge, feel the emotion with SCHNEIDER.

Created in 1934, the French brand Schneider, property of the ADMEA group and the Brand Access company, offers ranges of televisions, and audio and video products.

With a brand awareness rate of 85%, for many generations it has been synonymous with enjoyment and quality.
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Household Appliances


Present for 120 years in the world of the household appliances, the French brand today has a brand awareness rate of 97%.

Its commitment: To stay at the cutting edge of technology for the benefit of the consumer. THOMSON has made Friendly Technology its signature.

A licensee for household appliances since 2011, the ADMEA group creates ranges of small electrical household appliances, heating, air-conditioning, and ventilation.
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A licensee for telephony since 2010, the ADMEA group has developed ranges of mobile and home phones.

Faithful to the brand’s signature, the ADMEA group has been able to innovate and to impose itself, notably by offering ranges that are dedicated to seniors.

Straightforward and easy to use ranges that give meaning to the commitment of the THOMSON Friendly Technology brand.
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Shaub Lorenz

Created in 1880, the German brand SCHAUB LORENZ, a pioneer in the radio industry and a key player in technical innovation, has been licensed by the ADMEA group since 2005.

A multi-specialist brand, SCHAUB LORENZ today offers varied, reliable, simple to use ranges in the original design: televisions, audio-video products, and large household electrical appliances, its coloured products brighten up your interior and make life easier for you.

Simplify life with SCHAUB LORENZ

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Created in 1996, the French brand OXYGEN AUDIO is specialized in hand-held and home audio products.

Always paying attention to trends, the ADMEA group, owner of the brand since 2005, is launching a new range of festive audio products, thus responding to the expectations of young, connected consumers who are followers of “full blast”.

In harmony with its image of a specialist brand, OXYGEN AUDIO offers modernity and technicality with Creative technology.

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With its new range of televisions, audio-video products, and large household electrical appliances, the almost centenary French brand RADIOLA is experiencing a second youth!

Accessible, both in terms of price and ergonomics, RADIOLA has a special place in French hearts with 66% brand awareness.

The ADMEA group and Brand Access, licensed since 2016, reinforce the values transmitted by the brand.
Passion of the technique, love of the product, listening to the consumer, RADIOLA rhymes with Passion & innovation.
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